• LAMKO's team and section recruiting for year 2018 is open!


    LAMKO is looking for enthusiastic people to develop and organize activities for the year 2018. Take part in your own student unions operations by applying from link:

    LAMKO's events section

    Event planning section plans and organizes different kinds of events for…...

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  • LAMKO board divided sectors


    LAMKO board organized in it's forst meeting on January 12th and divided the sectors between the board members.  Social policies, Essi Murto, sopo(at) Educational policies, Marko Kaira, kopo(at) Tutoring, Henri Uotila, tutor(at) International affairs, Taija Meriläinen, international(at) Events, Mimosa Cavander, huvi(at) Sports, Jenny Kaarlela, liikunta(at) Communication, Toni Tilsala, viestinta(at)  …...

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  • Speak Out - feedback from students


    In November, we collected feedback with Speak Out tour. We toured all the campuses to get feedback from students about studies, studying in LAMK or just anything. There were some common issues in the feedbacks between faculties. Students want more contact lessons, teachers to also follow timetables and deadlines and…...

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