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The student card order will be on a break for June and July. During this time it is not possible to order a new student card. If you already have a student card it is possible to continue your membership at and use the digital student card. In July it is also not possbile to get a new sticker for the student card. The membership period for the Spring will end September 30th.

New student / new member

You can order a student card once you have received your student number.

Old member / renewing your membership

Renewing the membership is done at Log in using your email and password that you got when you registerd. Cash / card payments are also possible at our office in Fellmannia but we prefer you to renew the membership using the web page as it fastens the service at our office.

I have lost my student card, ordering just a new card

1) If the lost card was a Frank student card, you order a new card just signing in to your account on Frank web site. If yous student card was the an older card, you must make the full order process.

2) If your lost card had payment feature, you need to close it from Elisa customer service by phone or using Elisa Wallet mobile service. You can’t close the card from web interface.

Elisa customer service: 010 2662 000 Mon–Fri 8–19, Sat 10–16.30, closing service 24h (price 0,084€/call + (0,06€/min, cell. 0,17€/min). You can close the NFC payment sticker from Elisa Wallet service or web interface.

Check also FAQ

If you have any questions about the student card, please contact Jari Koistinen, tel. +358 50 5020 656 or