FAQ about the student card and membership

When can I order the student card?
You can make the order after you know your student number. Without the student number the order does not proceed.

Where do I get the student card?
If you have ordered the student card with payment feature (requires Finnish ID number), it is sent to your home. The cards without payment feature come to LAMKO's Fellmannia office. You will receive an email when the card has arrived.

How I pay the membership fee and the student card?
New students must first register at LAMKO website (jasenet.lamko.fi) and activate the account after registeration (you get an email). Then you can order the student card and pay the membership fee at Frank website. If you just need to renew your membership, you can do it at jasenet.lamko.fi (sign in) or at our office at Fellmannia. Check the detailed instructions under "Membership".

When can I get the new academic year sticker for my student card?
You can come to get the new sticker in the beginning of August. Make sure that your membership is valid and you have your student card with you.

I have paid the membership for multiple years. Can I postpone it?
You can postpone the membership at jasenet.lamko.fi by signing in. You can do the postponing if you are not studying during the current semester. The postponing must be done the latest 31.7. for autumn semester and 31.12. for spring semester.

I have paid the membership for multiple years. Can I get any refund of it?
If you graduate earlier or change the school for example, we can refund you for the unused semesters. You need to send a resignation letter and your student card to our Fellmannia office. If you want to get refund for the whole year or autumn semester, the resignation must be done 31.7. the latest and for spring semester 31.12. the latest. If you do it later, we will not refund you for the ongoing semester even if you haven't collected new sticker for your student card.