Membership and membership fees

When you become a member of the student union you will have a student card, which entitles you to the benefits provided for your use. The benefits of the student card are nationwide and available through Finland. 

Student card

By joining LAMKO you will get a student card which allows you to get student benefits and discounts. You have a few student card option to choose from.

AMK-student card offers you student benefits and discount nationally as well as many local benefits in Lahti. The price of the student card is 5 euros that will be added to the membership fee. The amount of the membership fee will be determined by the lenght of the membership. You choose the membership from one semester up to the lenght of your studies. 

Frank student card offers several options for student card: Digital student card (Frank App), traditional plastic student card and combination of student card and bank card which is made together with Danske Bank. To all student  cards, you can get an international ISIC student card license which gives you student discounts abroad too! The prices of Frank student cards changes between 0€ - 30,10€ plus LAMKO membership fee. More information about Frank student cards

Membership prices

Membership fees until July 30th:

Membership fees from August 1st:

  •     ½ years: 22 euros
  •     1 year: 32 euros
  •     1,5 years: 50 euros
  •     2 years: 58 euros
  •     2,5 years: 66 euros
  •     3 years: 75 euros
  •     3,5 yeasr: 83 euros
  •     4 years: 90 euros
  •     4,5 years: 105 euros

If you order the plastic student card a card fee will be added to the membership fee.

Membership expires for the spring semester on September 30th and for autumn semester January 31st.