Membership, benefits and costs

When you become a member of the student union you will have Frank student card, which entitles you to the benefits provided for your use. The benefits of the student card are nationwide and available through Finland. You can also choose an ISIC feature for your student card, which gives you access to the international student benefits. The blue card is for degree students (also master students and exchange students).

Student cards are four different types for you to choose your best:

• ISIC combination card

• Student card with payment feature

• Student card without payment feature

• Digital student card for your phone

Membership prices

To join LAMKO you must go to First fill in the registration information, after that you will receive an email that contains an activation link. After activation, go to to make the card order and pay the membership fee. You will receive your new student card approximately in three weeks of making the payment. Here are our membership fees:

The card price (15,10€) is added to membership fees.

  •     ½ years: 22 euros
  •     1 year: 32 euros
  •     1,5 years: 42 euros
  •     2 years: 52 euros
  •     2,5 years: 62 euros
  •     3 years: 67 euros
  •     3,5 yeasr: 77 euros
  •     4 years: 87 euros
  •     4,5 years: 97 euros

Membership expires for the spring semester on September 30th and for autumn semester January 31st.

The fee for ordering a new student card to replace a lost or a broken card is 15,10 euros (possible ISIC feature +15€).
If you have paid the membership fee for the whole length of your studies, but decide to change school or resign from the student union you will get the membership fee back from whole academic years or semester left on your membership. For more information contact our secretary general paasihteeri(at)