Resignation from the student union

If you change school or end your studies in LUAS, you may need to resign from LAMKO. To do this, you must send a written, free-form resignation announcement to secretary general. You can send by post or email, paasihteeri(at) In the resignation document, there must be your name and date of birth, the date when you want to resign and your bank account information for the possible membership fee refund. If you have paid less than 1, 5 years membership, no refund is paid. You can get the refund only once.

To get a refund from full academic year or autumn semester, you must resign the latest 31.7. For spring semester, the date is 31.12. When you resign, you must return your student card to LAMKO office.

The address is:

PL 214 (Kirkkokatu 27)
15101 LAHTI

Here you can find the resignation form