LAMKO Board for the year 2018 has been chosen


LAMKO’s representatives has organized on Thursday 30th November. Camilla Pulkkinen (technology) was chosen as the chairman and Arttu Pesola (technology) as the vice chairman.

Representatives als chose the board members for year 2018.Tiia Kettunen (social and healthcare) was chosen as the chairman of the board. Tiia has worked as the head of events in LAMKO during this year. As Vice Chairman of the Board was chosen Katariina Polvi (social and healthcare) who has worked as the head of international affairs this autumn.

As Members of the Board were chosen Mimosa Cavander (social and healthcare), Jenny Kaarlela (business and hospitality management), Marko Kaira (social and healthcare), Taija Meriläinen (social and healthcare), Essi Murto (business and hospitality management), Toni Tilsala (design) and Henri Uotila (business and hospitality management).

Would you like to organize sport events and spread the joy of excercise?


Would you like to organize sport events and spread the joy of excercise?

Now is your chance to apply to LAMKO's sports section and work together with LAMKO's head of sports.

In sports section you get to:
*take part in events
*to plan and organize events
* bring your own ideas
*make your sports dreams come true
*You can credits
*experience and a mark in you cv

The application period for the sports section for the year 2018 has started! Write you application and send it to Each applicant will be invited to an interview to learn more about what you can do in LAMKO's sports section. The section will work in Finnish so it would be good to know at least some basic Finnish.

The Event section is recruiting!


LAMKO wants to develop the sector work for next year, but the future operators are already being trained in 2017.

Do you want to join an amazing group where you can be part of making better parties and more fun student events? Do you want your own party themes or fun event contests out there? Are you the one who comes up with hilarious event texts or adverts?

Event section is planning and organizing different kind of events from parties to culture. We are looking for enthusiastic event organizers, who are filled with ideas. The event section organises over 10 student events per year!

The tasks of the members includes the tasks assigned by the head of events, which may include:
- Ideas and design of themes
- Planning and implementation of competitions
- Conception of marketing materials
- Design, purchase and crafting of event decoration
- Event promotion in social media

The application can be sent directly - or ask more information about the section. Contact:

Markus Vierumäki elected to SAMOK board for the year 2018


Student Union LAMKOs chairman of representatives Markus Vierumäki has been elected to the board of SAMOK for year 2018.

Markus studies business and is a student member of the board of LAMK Oy. During his campaign Markus has brought up his wide knowledge about educational policy. Markus will use this knowledge next year for the benefit of all students of universities of applied sciences.

Student unions elected at their general assembly to the board of SAMOK also as chairperson Marko Grönlund (SAMMAKKO), as vice chairperson Maria Jokinen (Metka), and to the board Valtteri Törmänen (OSAKO), Saana Simonen (Laureamko) and Annika Eskman (ASK). SAMOK ry’s general assembly was held at Lahti FellmanniCampus 13th-14th October 2017.

Election announcement 2017 – LAMKO’s representative council election


The Student Union of Lahti UAS – LAMKO’s representative council election in 2017 will elect the council for the term 1.1.2018-31.12.2018. In total, 15 members and 10 vice members will be chosen in the election. The election is carried out by the decision of the Central Election Committee in the following days:

Nomination period: 2.10 – 22.10.2017
Publishing the candidate lists: 25.10.2017
Voting days: 8. - 15.11.2017
Election results publication: 16.11.2017

The voting is done electronically during voting days. You can vote in the election if you have paid the student union membership fee latest by 22.10.2017. Voting is done online via a disposable electronic link that is sent you email what is in member register at the beginning of voting days. You can become a candidate in the election if have paid the student union membership fee latest by 22.10.2017 and you can work in Finnish. Becoming a candidate is done by filling the candidate form, what you can find in LAMKO’s website and in Facebook event.

Register as a candidate:
Create own election list:


Election announcement with details.

The search for new tutors has began


You have now the chance to become a part of LAMKO's group of amazing tutors! The application period for tutoring for the Autumn will start on Monday September 25th and en on October 10th. Read more about international and degree tutoring and choose the right form of tutoring for you. The just go ahead and fill in the application to become a tutor. You can ask more information about tutoring from LAMKOs tutors or LAMKO's head of international affairs

Renew your membeship online


We have now opened an online form where you can renew your LAMKO membership. Log in by writing your name exactly the same as it's on your student card and your student number. After that you can check your personal information and make the payment using Finnish online banks or credit card. If you encounter problems, contact secretary general for help.

Welcome new student, here is how you become a member


LAMKO is your student union Our goal is to make your student life a tad better. The most important part of LAMKO is to look after your benefits in and outside of campus. We also arrange activities and student parties for you. Remember to get your membership soon, and be part of the union! To get a student card you need to join the student union. Read more about the student card here and isntruction on how to order a student card here.

LAMKO presents: Markus Vierumäki as a board member of SAMOK 2018


Lahti University of Applied Sciences Student Union LAMKO proudly nominates Markus Vierumäki as a candidate for a board member of SAMOK for the year 2018! This past year, Markus has operated as the chairman of LAMKO’s representatives and a board member of Lahti UAS board.

“The point of SAMOK’s existence is promotion of interests, and this fact cannot get lost under the budget cut conversation. Next year the discussion about the educational collaboration and structural development is even more on the table. Through Lahti UAS board, I have gotten to know and influence LUT concern up close, which helps to understand the general situation nationally. In addition, the advocacy work is determined by the reform of student selections and the planning the work at influencing the parliamentary elections,” Markus highlights.

"Although Markus was a newcomer to the student union field, his determined efforts have brought new views and developed the student union's operations. It has been a pleasure to work with Markus, and the co-operation between the board and the representatives has worked smoothly. Markus has brought a broad understanding and perspective in decision-making," says Joel Ollikainen, Chairman of the Board.

Additionally, to LAMKO and Lahti UAS work, Markus currently serves as a deputy member of Lahticity council and a member of the local education and culture committee. He has built up his experience and networks as the Vice Chairman of the Coalition Party's Youth Association, for example by corresponding of the team for renewing the educational policy program.


Candidate Markus Vierumäki 050 4303916

Campaign Manager Joel Ollikainen 050 5020634

You can now order the student card!


Our new order form for the student card is now open at Also check the more detailed instructions about becoming a member and ordering the student card from here

New student overalls have arrived!


Now you can get them , overalls! The new overalls with LAMKO 20 years anniversary logo have arrived to LAMKO's office. Come and get yours! The overalls are black and they cost 35 euros for LAMKO members and 65 euros to non-members.

Katariina Polvi is LAMKO's new head of international affairs


The board of representatives has chosen in their meeting 21.6. Katariina Polvi from the social and healthcare faculty as the new head of international affairs to LAMKO board. Katariina is a third year nursing student and has work as an international tutor and a head tutor in the faculty of social and healthcare. Katariina will start in the board immediately and you can reach her by email at international(at)

LAMKO office on summer holiday


In the summer also LAMKO’s office is on holiday. The office at FellmanniCampus will be closed from June 20th until July 30th. During this time it is not possible to order a student card. In urgent matters you can contact LAMKO's chairman at pj(at) or 050 5020 634.

Student card orders will stop for the summer


Need a student card for the summer? The ordering system will go on a summer holiday starting from June 5th, so make sure to place your order before that! Ordering the card is possible again in July.

Are you an active student in Spring 2017 and a member of your student union? Download Frank App and make a digital student card in in just few minutes, and enjoy the student benefits also during summertime. In Frank App you can also purchase a digital ISIC-licence for just 3 euros (valid one year) and enjoy student benefits also abroad.

Board of representatives' spring general meeting March 30th at 5pm


LAMKO's board of representatives' spring general meeting is held on Thursday March 30th, 2017 at 5pm in FellmanniCampus, room 424.

The meeting is open to all the students of LAMK and the board of representatives welcomes everyone interested in the student union to come and follow the meeting.



Office opening hours during week 9


LAMKO office is open exceptionally during the project week as follows: Mon-Tue 9-14, Wed 9-11, Thu 9-14 and Friday closed.

Reserve now your tickets to Aleksanterinkadun appro


The biggest student party of the spring is aproaching quickly! Make sure that you and your friends get to join the party by resrveing your tickets online now. You can reserve tickets at

The Appro pass costs 10 euros and tickets can be reserved by until March 13th or as long as passes are available.

Member newsletter for February


The new member newsletter has come out. You can read it from here.

In February's newsletter you can read about the biggest student party of the Spring, students' wellbeign survey and the search for new tutors.

The search for new tutors has started!


The application period for tutoring has started! Don’t miss the best experience of your student life!

Apply to become a part of the amazing group of tutors. As an international tutor you get to help and guide international students coming to study in Lahti UAS either for an exchange period or for the whole degree.

Read more about tutoring from LAMKO’s website:

To apply to become a tutor fill in an application here:

LAMKO office closed January 30.-31.


LAMKO office is closed Monday and Tuesday January 30th and 31st due to office staff's and board members training. Office will be open normally again on Wednesday February 1st 9am to 3pm.

Member newsletter for January


The new member newsletter has vome out and it is new and iproved. You can read it from here.

In January' newsletter you can read about the first student party of the year, the BIG student party at the FIS Nordic Ski Championships and renewing fall semester valisdation sticker for your student card.


Apply to as student member of FUAS governing board


Student Union of Häme University of Applied Sciences is naming a student member for FUAS Governing Board for term 2017-2018.

The task of the Governing Board is to promote the strategic development of FUAS as a whole and the partnership of member UASs with the aim of strengthening the alliance. The Governing Board is in charge of the monitoring of strategy implementation.

Send a free-form application to by 16.1.2017.

Student member will be named by the Council of representatives in their meeting on 18.1.2017.

More information:

LAMKOs team and section recruiting for year 2017 is open!


LAMKO is looking for enthusiastic people to develop and organize activities for the year 2017. Take part in your own student unions operations by applying from link:

LAMKOs events section
Event planning section plans and organizes different kinds of events for students. Section is looking for enthusiastic event planners, with lots of ideas. Application time ends 10th February 2017.
More information: Head of events Tiia Kettunen ( and Head of events Einari Uusitalo (

LAMKOs communications section
Communications section is looking for students that are interested in communications and marketing. All know-how from photography to writing is welcome. Communications section will produce for example LAMKOOMA-publication for new students. Applicatio time ends 10th February 2017.
More information: Head of communications Toni Tilsala (

LAMKO 2.0 taskforce
LAMKO’s year of celebration is time for new ideas! Take part in making a version 2.0 of LAMKO, a new service structure and new activities! LAMKO 2.0 is a great way to be active in your own student union! Taskforce gives you an all-around view of how the student union works. Application time ends 31st January 2017.
More information: Chairman of the Board Joel Ollikainen (

LAMKO 20 years annual gala team
LAMKOs year of celebration culminates into annual gala! Take part at planning this awesome and classy party for students! LAMKOs annual gala team’s application time ends 31st January 2017.
More information: Head of events Tiia Kettunen (


One of the biggest student parties of the year is Aleksanterinkadun approt! Be a part of organizing this legendary and traditional event! Appro-team’s application time ends 31st January 2017.

More information: Head of events Tiia Kettunen (

The student organisations at LAMK are worried about the plans to join the LUT Consortium


The student organisations in Lahti university of applied scienes are worried about the ongoing negotiations about Lahti UAS joining the LUT Consortium which is to be founded in 2017 when Saimaa University of Applied Sciences Ltd (Saimaa UAS) becomes a subsidiary of LUT.

The student organizations are especially worried about neglecting the students' point of view in the decision making and how these decissions will affect studying at LAMK.


LAMKO's new chairpersons and board has been elected


LAMKO's Board of representatives chairman for the next year is Markus Vierumäki from Faculty of Business. Sanni Rulja also from Faculty of Business was elected as vice chairman. Chairman of the board in 2017 is Joel Ollikainen from Faculty of Business and vice chairman Milla Tuomi from Faculty of Social and Healthcare. The members of the board are Einari Uusitalo (Faculty of Business), Kristiina Issakainen (Social and Healthcare), Jenny Kaarlela (Tourism), Toni Tilsala (Institute of Design), Tiia Kettunen (Social and Healthcare), Maija Matikainen (Social and Healthcare), Reetta Sairanen (Faculty of Business) ja Sonja Dahlström (Faculty of Business).

Board of Representatives election results


In the election, total of 403 votes were given and the voting rate was 19,3%. The list of elected candidates can be found here.

Board of representatives autumn general meeting November 11, 2016


LAMKO's board of representatives' autumn general meeting is held on Thursday November 11, 2016 at 5pm in FellmanniCampus, room 426.

The autumn general meeting decides on the general guidelines for the next year decides for example the member fees for the next calendar year.

The meeting is open to all the students of LAMK and the board of representatives welcomes everyone interested in the student union to come and follow the meeting.

The autumn general meeting is the last meeting for this year’s board of representatives. New board of representatives will be chosen through election from November 11-16 and the list of the results of the election will be published on November 17. The new board of representatives will gather for the first time on November 29, 2016.

More information about the general meeting

Monna Salmi
Board of representatives
+358 50 5355 358

Jari Koistinen
Secretary General
+358 50 5020 656


Candidates for LAMKO Board of Representatives


LAMKO's central election committee has accepted following electoral lists and candidates for the election of board of representatives. The election is held 10.11 - 16.11.2016 and voting is made electronically. LAMKO members have right to vote and the candidate list is available at LAMKO office and LAMKO website. The voting link will be sent to your email before voting. If you are uncertain about your right to vote, contact our personnel.

Liiketalous (Faculty of Business):
2 Henna Berg
3 Sonja Dahlström
4 Juuso Isoherranen
5 Riikka-Emilia Karplund
6 Daniil Korobkov
7 Sanna-Maria Mäkinen
8 Sara Peltola
9 Arttu Pesola
10 Otto Rantaniemi
11 Markus Vierumäki

Linkki ry (student organization of business students):
12 Jenny Kaarlela
13 Perttu Laitinen
14 Joel Ollikainen
15 Sanni Rulja
16 Einari Uusitalo
17 Miisa Virtanen

Liro ry (student organization of technology students):
18 Camilla Pulkkinen

Muotoiluinstituutin lista (Institute of Design):
19 Kalle Hakola
20 Janne Kalliola

Sosiaali- ja terveysalan lista (Faculty of Social and healthcare):
21 Karoliina Järvenpää
22 Katariina Polvi

Markus Vierumäki has been chosen as the student member for the Lahti UAS board


LAMKO's board of representatives has in its meeting on October 20th chosen Markus Vierumäki as the student representative for the board of Lahti University of Applied Sciences. Vierumäki is a second year business student and he also active in National Coalition party of Finland’s Youth organization.

The student representatives term starts once the Board of Lahti UAS has verified the choice. The term will last until the end of May 2018. The previous student member of the board has been Miika Mäkitalo.

More information about the board of Lahti University of Applied Sciences

More information
Chaiman, LAMKO’s Board of representatives
Monna Salmi

Be international, become a tutor!


Would you like to make new friends from all over the world, get to know new cultures and improve your language skills? Apply to become a tutor! We are looking for new international tutors for all faculties and new degree tutors for the students in the english degree programs in business and social and healthcare faculties.

The application period will end on October 25th so be quick! Read more about international tutoring and degree tutoring. And apply here to become a tutor.

More information about tutoring you can ask from your faculty's tutors or contact LAMKO or

Election notice


The search for candidates to LAMKO's next year board of representatives has started! You can sign up for candidate between 19.9.-23.10.2016, voting is between 10.11-16.11.2016 and the results are published on 17.11.2016. You can sign up for candidate using the link below.

If you want to make your own election list, use this link

The board of representatives work in finnish.

Download Frank App and start using digital student card!


The student card is now on your smart phone! Download Frank App to your Android or iOS device and start using the digital student card. You can use the digital student card when your membership to LAMKO is valid. If you encouter problems using the digital student card, please contact secretary general, paasihteeri(at)

LAMKO office on holiday


LAMKO office will be on holiday from June 24th until July 31st. The office will be open next time on August 1st. During the holiday we won't order any student cards. In urgent matters you can contact LAMKO Chairman at pj(a) Have a great summer!

Changes in the student card terms


The student card terms have been updated and simplified. For now on, also Master students can apply for the blue student card which gives also discount from VR and Matkahuolto tickets. You can read the terms

Office closed 24.-25.5.


LAMKO office at FellmanniCampus is closed 24.-25. April due to staff training. The office will be open as normal on Thursday and Friday.

Office closed on Friday 6.5.


Our FellmanniCampus office is closed on Friday 6th of May.

LAMKO's Board of representatives Spring meeting


LAMKO's Board of Representatives Spring meeting is held on 22nd of April at 4pm in FellmanniCampus class 423. All LAMKO members are welcome to follow the meeting (held in Finnish).

Changes in LAMKO’s office hours on Easter week


LAMKO Office at the FellmanniCampus is closed on Easter week on Wednesday and Thursday MArch 13th and 24th between 9.00-12.00. Have a Sunny Easter!

The application period for tutoring has ended


The application period for tutoring this Spring has ended. All together we received 104 applications for peer, international and dgree tutoring. All applicant will receive an invitation to a tutor interview by email during this week. Tutor interviews will be held in week 11. Tutor trainings will be held during March-April.


Application period for tutoring has started!


Stand out from the crowd, become a tutor! The application period for tutoring has started and will last until the end of February. We are looking for new tutors for the new students studying in the English degree programs and exchange students. As a tutor you will meet lots of student from different faculties, make new friends and have fun! Read more about international tutoring and apply here. You can also ask more from your faculties tutors, head tutors or from LAMKO.

Office closed on 18.-19.1.


Our office is closed on Monday 18.1. and Tuesday 19.1 due to a seminar.

Opening hours for the end of the year


Opening hours for the end of the year.

21.12. 9-15
22.-28.12.  closed
29.12. 9-14
30.12. 9-14
31.12. - 3.1.2016 closed

LAMKO's new board and board of representatives have been chosen


LAMKO's new board and board of representatives have been chosen for year 2016. The chair of representatives is Monna Salmi (Faculty of Business) and vice chair of representatives is Lauri Isotalo (Faculty of Business). The members of board of representatives are Miika Mäkitalo (Faculty of Business), Heidi Lindström (Faculty of Social and Healthcare), Marjut Lehtinen (Faculty of Technology), Teemu Pennanen (Faculty of Technology), Perttu Laitinen (Faculty of Business), Sanni Rulja (Faculty of Business), Daniel Palatz (Institute of Design), Daniil Korobkov (Faculty of Business), Mikko Sundström (Faculty of Business), Antti Savolainen (Faculty of Business), Kalle Takalo (Faculty of Business), Anniina Mäkelä (Insitute of Design) and Otto Rantaniemi (Faculty of Business).

The chair of the board is Camilla Pulkkinen (Faculty of Technology) and vice chair of the board is Joel Ollikainen (Faculty of Business). The members of the board are Toni Tilsala (Institute of Design), Tiia Kettunen (Faculty of Social and Healthcare), Kristiina Issakainen (Faculty of Technology), Milla Tuomi (Faculty of Social and Healthcare), Jenny Kaarlela (Faculty of Social and Healthcare), Jere Virinsalo (Faculty of Social and Healthcare) and Miia Enckell (Faculty of Business).

The board of representatives autumn general meeting


LAMKO's board of representatives autumn general meeting is held on Tuesday 8th of December starting at 5pm. at FellmanniCampus (most likely in class 520). In this meeting, eg. LAMKO's next year's membership fee´s are decided. All LAMKO members are welcome to follow the meeting.

LAMKO's Chairman of the board Monna Salmi has been selected as board member of SAMOK for the year 2016


The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences - SAMOK has today chosen LAMKO's Chairman of the board Monna Salmi as a board member for the year 2016 in it's genereal assembly in Lahti.

The board of SAMOK for the year 2016: Chairperson Jemi Heinilä METKA, Vice chairperson Sonja Raitamäki TUO, members od the board Monna Salmi LAMKO, Jaakko Lehtonen SAMMAKKO, Tommi Halkosaari VAMOK, Riina Kasurinen HELGA and Gramoz Shpendi HAMKO.

The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences - SAMOK is holding it's general assembly in FellmanniCampus in Lahti 20th to 21st of November.

Office closed on Friday


Our FellmanniCampus office is closed on Friday 13th to avoid accidents and due to our participating in Finnish Student Sport Federation's general assembly.

Changes in LAMKO’s office hours


LAMKO’s office hours change starting from this week. The office at Faculty of Technology is closed permanently and we move these resources to NiemiCampus where you can reach us on Tuesdays and Wednesday from 9am to 12pm at Llama Lounge which is located at the second floor of C-wing.

Students have also requested to expand our opening hours in FellmanniCampus. Starting next week, our FellmanniCampus office is open during evening on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

FellmanniCampus office hours:

Mon 9-15
Tue 9-17
Wed 9-15
Thu 9-17.30
Fri 9-14

You can meet us at NiemiCampus Llama Lounge

Tue and Wed 9-12

Student union LAMKO resigns from the protest against asylum seekers in Hennala


A protest against asylum seekers in Lahti Hennala gathered a group of 40 protesters. The group of about 40 people protested against the 250 asylum seekers arriving to the former barracks Hennala. In some of the pictures taken from the protest you can see a person wearing a black Tutor hoodie. This person does not represent the student union or it's student tutors.

Equality and internationality are values in the student union and LAMKO aspires to promote multiculturalism and resigns from any acts of racism. 

More information from LAMKO Chairman Monna Salmi, phone +358 50 5020634

Application period for international tutoring has started


Would you like to get new friends from all over the world, get to know new cultures and improve your language skills? We are looking for new international tutors to tutor exchange students arriving to Lahti. The application period is from September 21st to October 25th.

Lear more about international tutorin here and the go and apply here

You can also get more information about tutoring from our Secretary of tutoring Heidi ts(at) and our Head of international affairs kv(at)


Monna Salmi runs for Vice Chairman of SAMOK 2016


LAMKO proudly nominates it's Chairman Monna Salmi as Vice Chairperson of The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences - SAMOK for 2016. Monna has shown admirable reliability and determination in working in the student union. Monna takes all students in consideration equally and promotes open and genuine collaboration with different partners.

You can read more about Monna's campaign here.

The Freshmen party event passes


We start selling the Freshmen party event passes on Monday at our Fellmannia office. The team will get one pass and the price for it is 5€ / team member so if your team has six members, the pass costs 30€. You need to now the size of your team when you come to but the pass. We recommed that one person of the team comes to buy the pass, we accept card and cash.

Ordering the student card


We have started using Frank student card and this brings some changes to the order process. Read more and find the instructions!


Office on vacation


Our office is closed in July and we'll be back on 3rd of August. In July, eg. student card orders are not made. In urgent matters, please contact LAMKO chairman Monna Salmi, pj(at)

Changes in LAMKOs board


Heidi Lindström, Chairman of the LAMKO board has resigned from her duties starting from June 1st. According to the student union's rules when the chairman of the board resignes the whole board will be freed from their duties and a new board will be elected for the rest of the term (6.2§)

LAMKO’s board of representatives met on Monday May 25th, freed the chairman and the rest of the board from their duties and elected a new board.

The new members of LAMKO's board starting from June 1st

Monna Salmi (business), Chairman
Marjut Lehtinen (technology), Vice chairman
Béla Gazdag (social and healthcare)
Emmi Heikkilä (social and healthcare)
Lauri Isotalo (business)
Juhana Salminen (business),
Jenny Kaarlela (social and healthcare)
Antti Löppönen (social and healthcare)
Camilla Pulkkinen (technology)

More information:
Heidi Lindström, Chairman of the board until May 31st
Monna Salmi, Chairman of the board starting from June 1st, +358 50 5020 634