LAMKO Board for the year 2018 has been chosen


LAMKO’s representatives has organized on Thursday 30th November. Camilla Pulkkinen (technology) was chosen as the chairman and Arttu Pesola (technology) as the vice chairman.

Representatives als chose the board members for year 2018.Tiia Kettunen (social and healthcare) was chosen as the chairman of the board. Tiia has worked as the head of events in LAMKO during this year. As Vice Chairman of the Board was chosen Katariina Polvi (social and healthcare) who has worked as the head of international affairs this autumn.

As Members of the Board were chosen Mimosa Cavander (social and healthcare), Jenny Kaarlela (business and hospitality management), Marko Kaira (social and healthcare), Taija Meriläinen (social and healthcare), Essi Murto (business and hospitality management), Toni Tilsala (design) and Henri Uotila (business and hospitality management).

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