LAMKO's team and section recruiting for year 2018 is open!


LAMKO is looking for enthusiastic people to develop and organize activities for the year 2018. Take part in your own student unions operations by applying from link:

LAMKO's events section

Event planning section plans and organizes different kinds of events for students. Section is looking for enthusiastic event planners, with lots of ideas. Application time is open for now.

More information: Head of events Mimosa Cavander (

LAMKO's communications section

Communications section is looking for students that are interested in communications and marketing. All know-how from photography to writing is welcome. Communications section will produce for example LAMKOOMA-publication for new students. Application time is open for now.

More information: Head of communications Toni Tilsala (

LAMKO's sports section

The Sports section works by organizing various sporting events and by bringing the joy of sport to everyone. At the sports section, you can plan and organize events, participate in events, implement and develop yourself.

More information: Head of sports Jenny Kaarlela (

LAMKO 2.0 taskforce

LAMKO’s year of celebration is time for new ideas! Take part in making a version 2.0 of LAMKO, a new service structure and new activities! LAMKO 2.0 is a great way to be active in your own student union! Taskforce gives you an all-around view of how the student union works. Application time ends 20th of February 2018

More information: Chairman of the Board Tiia Kettunen 

Appro team

The biggest student party of the year is Aleksanterinkadun approt! Aleksin Appro celebrates 10 year anniversary this year! Be a part of organizing this legendary and traditional event! Application time ends 31st January 2018

More information: Head of events Mimosa Cavander (

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