Speak Out - feedback from students


In November, we collected feedback with Speak Out tour. We toured all the campuses to get feedback from students about studies, studying in LAMK or just anything.

There were some common issues in the feedbacks between faculties. Students want more contact lessons, teachers to also follow timetables and deadlines and to reply better to emails. Also positive feedback was given. The staff and food of Koo-Kuppilat got praise, especially the morning porridge. And a special thanks to LAMK Support.

Business students wished for more contact lessons and feedback from course assignments. Positive feedback got sport events and a wish that there were more of those in the future. Students at the design institute are quite stressed and busy with courses and assignments, but the equipment at the faculty got praise. A few also wished pizza to be served for lunch sometimes. At the faculty of technology students are worried about the quality of teaching, but some teachers and courses also got positive comments. Students at the social and healthcare are worried about the air inside the faculty and the amount of contact lessons. A special thank you goes to the staff of the cafeteria at Hoitajankatu and good and skilled teachers.

LAMKO will make a summary of all the feedback and go through it with the school.

More information about Speak Out tour from LAMKO's head of educational policies kopo(at)

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