The Event section is recruiting!


LAMKO wants to develop the sector work for next year, but the future operators are already being trained in 2017.

Do you want to join an amazing group where you can be part of making better parties and more fun student events? Do you want your own party themes or fun event contests out there? Are you the one who comes up with hilarious event texts or adverts?

Event section is planning and organizing different kind of events from parties to culture. We are looking for enthusiastic event organizers, who are filled with ideas. The event section organises over 10 student events per year!

The tasks of the members includes the tasks assigned by the head of events, which may include:
- Ideas and design of themes
- Planning and implementation of competitions
- Conception of marketing materials
- Design, purchase and crafting of event decoration
- Event promotion in social media

The application can be sent directly - or ask more information about the section. Contact:

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