Student events

Student parties and events are an important part of studies. Events grow the team spirit between students and provide a relaxing variation for studies. LAMKOs entertainment and –culture sectors organize different student parties and free - time events for students. Follow the Student Events site on Facebook for the most current information about the events.

Student Parties

Once a month LAMKO organizes a themed student party. The parties are held in Tivoli night club at Vapaudenkatu 13. LAMKO organizes themed competitions and DJs and bands will make sure thedance floor remains full. Prices are student friendly and LAMKOs photographers capture the evening for you. The most suitable outfit a student party is of course overalls!

In addition to traditional student party at LAMKO organizes an annual Aleksanterinkatu Approt , the largest one-day student event in Lahti.

In matters related to student events, you can be in contact with the events team

Tiia Kettunen, huvi(at) 

Jenny Kaarlela, liikunta(at)