The board members work together with the support of sections that offer students an easy way to get more familiar with being active in the student union. Sections are open for all students to join. All members of the section are free to voice their ideas and opinions in all matters. More information about sections you can get from LAMKO’s office or from the board members in charge of the sections. At the moment working sections:

Events section

Events section plans and organizes student parties. The tasks of the members of this sections can be

  • Coming up with party themes
  • Planning and organizing contests
  • Plannign marketing materials
  • Planning and making party decorations
  • Marketing student parties in social media

Events section oraganizes nine student parties in a year.

More information about this section you can ask from head of events huvi(at)

Communications section 

As a member you get to plan and implement student union communication. You get to for example

  • Plan the Lamkooma-magazine for the new students
  • Write articles for the Lamkooma-magazine

If you are a graphic design student at the faculty of design you also get to do some graphic design for example making posters, overall badges and webpage banners.

More information about this section you can ask from head of communications viestinta(at)