The Board

The Board is the body responsible for the operational activities of the student union. The Boards task is to implement the action plan adopted by the Representative Council and make decisions on the practical activities related.

The student union board consists of about ten members; the chairman, vice chairman and board members. Each board member has its own area of responsibility which we call sectors. In addition to the special are of responsibility the board members represent the student union in national events and seminars. The board monitors closely any changes in the university as well as in the national higher education scheme.

The responsibilities of the board members are as follows:

Chairman and Vice Chairman

The Chairmen lead, oversee and guide the work of the board members and report to the Board of representatives. The Chairman and vice chairman also lead the two teams: promotion of interests and service team.

Promotion of interests team

The promotion of interests team is reponsible for promoting the interests of students inside Lahti UAS. They monitort things like wellbeing of students and the quality of education. The team consists of head of social policies and head of educational policies. The leader of the team is LAMKO’s chairman.

Head of social policies

The board member in charge of social policies in charge of promoting the students interests in matters concerning student wellbeing. He oversees student health care, welfare, equality and housing. The head of social policies is on top of the current state of these issues and develops student wellbeing locally.

Head of educational policies

The head of educational policies is in charge of promoting the quality of education. He represents students in various working groups that concentrate in quality of education, studies and graduating.

Service team

LAMKO’s service team is in charge of LAMKO’s services. These include especially events organized by the student union and communication. The team leader is LAMKO’s vice chairman.

Heads of events

Heads of events is in charge of planning and organizing student events. Student events include student parties as well as culture events. Head of events also organize student discounts for different culture events locally. Events section helps the board members in their work.

Head of sports

The head of sports organizes sports events and develops sport possibilities for students locally. He work closely with LAMK Sports and oversees that Finnish Students Sport Federation (OLL) recommendations for student sports are followed in the university.

Head of communication

Head of communications is in charge of developing student union’s communication and executing it together with the graphic design students at the faculty of design. Head of communications act also as the editor in chief of the Lamkooma-magazine and in charge of planning and developing the magazine.

Tutor team

LAMKO’s tutor team is in charge of student tutoring in Lahti UAS together with LAMKO’s adviser of tutoring. Tutor team works closely together with the head tutors in each faculty in coordinating and developing tutoring and training new tutors.

Head of tutoring

Head of tutoring is in charge of planning, developing and organizing the peer tutoring in Lahti UAS together with the advisor of tutoring. He works closely together with the head tutors in faculties and the school. keeping contact with the head peer tutors in each faculty.

Head of international affairs

Head of international affairs is in charge of international and degree tutoring together with the adviser of tutoring. Head of international affairs works closely with international and degree head tutors in the faculties. He also organizes events for international students and promotes the interests of international students.

LAMKO Board 2017:

LAMKO board 2017