The Election of Representatives FAQ

1. What does board of representatives?
Board of representatives’ responsibility is to appoint chairman of the board of representatives and chairman of the board and release them of their duties. Board of representatives chooses the student members to the executive board of Lahti University of applied sciences and other actuators like student grant committee as pointed in the university of applied sciences law 12 §, second paragraph, section 4.
In addition, the board of representatives decides on the student union's rules, annual budget, membership fees as well as the guiding action lines. Also, the political guidelines are defined by the board of representatives.

2. What is a electoral list?
The electoral list is a proportional electoral system, which can be formed, for example, based on  the same ideological backgrounds. When voting for a candidate the voter also gives its vote to the list. assembly of elected representatives is determined by the popularity lists .

Example: X is the name of a list, the there are 12 candidates on the list. The X list received the highest number of votes a candidate receives the full listing of the number of votes comparative index . The second list of candidates with the most votes gets comparative index half of the list of votes in the third one -third , and so on . Subsequently, the Council of Representatives shall be declared elected all candidates since most of the parable of the final chapter treated with 15 members and 10 alternate members.

3. What is a ballot?
LAMKO uses the proportional electoral system. A ballot is a form in which you collect names of all the candidates before returning the list to the student union. The ballot must have the following information of each of the candidate's: family name, all first names, date of birth, study field and the list of  candidates as a whole. It also must have assurance from each of the candidates of his or her eligibility and consent of nomination. You can only be a candidate in one ballot.

4. Who can become a candidate?
All the members of LAMKO can become a candidate for the election of the board of representatives.

5. Can I join more than ballot?
A candidate can join only one ballot that he chooses or establishes. One ballot can only have as many candidates as the maximum number of members in the board of representatives (25 persons).
6. I established a ballot. Can I choose who joins the ballot?                                            The founder of the ballot must collect all the candidates for the ballot. A candidate can only be part of one ballot. The ballot will be submitted to student union for inspection (the name of the ballot and the eligibility of the candidates is verified).

7. How many candidates can a ballot have?
A ballot can only have as many candidates as the board of representatives will have members. LAMKO elects 15 members for the board of representatives and 10 deputy members. So all together a ballot can have 25 candidates.

8. I can’t find a ballot I want to join, who can establish a ballot?
All members of LAMKO have the right to establish a ballot. Establishing a ballot does not mean you are obligated to become a candidate.

8. How do you name a ballot?
The name must not offend a person's individual rights, be commercial or otherwise inappropriate. Two ballots can not have the same name. Naming of the ballot is always the ballot founder’s decision and it may represent for example study field or a shared ideology for the list of candidates. The central election committee has the right to ask for the renaming of the list or as an extreme measure remove an inappropriate ballot.

9. All candidates must send a headshot in jpg-format for the election materials. What does this mean?
The headshot needs to a recognizable portrait picture of the candidate. The picture must be at least 2 MB.

11. How can candidates promote themselves?
In election campaigning only imagination is the limit and the candidates may promote themselves or the ballot freely for example with posters or stands. However, you must follow the school’s rules and regulations and the candidate is responsible for any classroom bookings or possible littering. LAMKO will promote all candidates and ballots in its own information channels.

12. What is the central election committee?
The central election committee is a group named by the board of representatives to be in charge of organizing the election. The central election committee holds meetings, plans marketing of the election and is in charge of all the practical matters concerning organizing the election. The central election committee is chosen each year in the board of representatives’ spring meeting. You can contact the committee by email at