The Representatives

The Board of representatives is the highest decision-making body at the student union. The Representatives task is to appoint and dismiss the board, to approve the budget and operating plan, oversee the board activities as well as discharge the board at the end of the year.

The Board of Representatives is elected every autumn by elections.  Every member of the student union may stand for the elections. Elections are organized by the Election Commission selected among the representatives. There are 15 LAMKO members in the board at once, plus their 10 deputies. The Representatives work for one calendar year at a time, during which the board meets on average 4-6 times .

Chairman 2018

Camilla Pulkkinen, technology

Vice Chairman 2018

Arttu Pesola, technology

The board 2018

Tiia Jokinen, design institute
Sonja Dahlström, business and hospitality management
Niko Zerlik, technology
Laura Kaitila, business and hospitality management
Laura Hahl, business and hospitality management
Sanna-Maria Mäkinen, business and hospitality management
Kristiina Korabljova, technology
Joel Ollikainen, business and hospitality management