What is a student union?

LAMKO is the student union of Lahti university of applied sciences. The work of the student union is regulated by the university of applied sciences act where it is stated that all universities of applied sciences must have a student union. As a member of the student union you will get the official student card that you can use to get student benefits and discounts locally and nationally. All students of Lahti university of applied sciences can become a member of the student union.

Student union’s job is to promote the interests of all students studying at Lahti university of applied sciences. One of the most important task is to make students’ voice heard and make LAMK an even better place to study. As part of the promotion of interests LAMKO takes part in various differend working groups in LAMK making sure that students best interests are met in making decisions. LAMKO also collects feedback from students and strives to make the things better that students are not happy about. In addition to promotion of interests LAMKO also keeps up an active student culture by organizing different kinds of events. LAMKO is also in charge of organizing student tutoring in LAMK.

The highest decision power of the student union lies on the board of representatives which is chosen by election each year. The board of representatives consists of 15 students. The everyday practical matters of the student union are organized by the student board which consists of 10 students. The student board is elected by the board of representatives each year. Secretary general and advisor help to run the daily operations of the student union.

All students of LAMK can join the activities of the student union. The working language of LAMKO is Finnish. There are many ways to get involved; joining the board of representatives, the student board, becoming a tutor or joining one of the sections. Don’t hesitate to contact LAMKO if you are interested in getting involved with the student union. It is possible to get credits from working for the student union.

LAMKO is a member of University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland – SAMOK and The Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL. SAMOK is in charge of promoting the interests of students on a national level. OLL is a national advocacy and service organisation working on behalf of Finnish student sports.

You can find contact information for LAMKO here