Become a tutor

The application period for will kick off on September 25th

Become a tutor, they said. It'll be fun, they said. And they were right!

You have now the chance to become a part of LAMKO's group of amazing tutors. It's easy! First you fill in the application for for tutoring. Everyone who applied will be invited to a personal tutor interview. In the interview you need to just dazzle us and convince us that you will make an awesome tutor. Everyone who are chosen as a tutor will atted tutor trainings where you will learn all the information and skills a tutor needs. After the training you will be ready to tutor.

Fill in the tutor application here. Note that the application form will be opened on Monday September 25th at 9am.

The application period will end on October 21st. Tutor interviews will be held on week 44 and tutor trainings on week 46. To become a tutor you will need to attend at least one of the trainings.

Applications periods for tutoring

Application period for tutoring is held two times a year, in the autumn in September-October and in the spring in February-March. All applicant will be invited to a tutor interview. Tutor trainings include on evening training and a tutor camp. If you are not sure which tutoring would be best for you, you can read here more about degree tutoring and international tutoring.

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