Degree tutoring

Degree tutors are students studying in English degree programs. They are there to help the new international and Finnish degree students that study in the English degree programs.

It can be a bit of a culture shock to come to Finland and start a whole new life away from everything you know. That is where the tutors come in. They are the ones to show the new students around Lahti and the school and help with everyday things and to adapt to the Finnish culture. Tutors also help the students from all over the world to get to know each other and form a student group where they can support each other in the coming study years.

All degree tutors are will go through tutor training that is held in English. Tutor trainings are organized once a year, in the spring. After working as a degree tutor for at least two semesters you can get 3 ECTs. Anyone can become a tutor, you dont need to be a member a LAMKO.

How to become a tutor?

1. Apply during LAMKOs search for new students.
2. Attend a tutor interview
3. Get selected as a tutor
4. Go through the tutor trainings
5. Work as a tutor for two semesters
6. Return your tutor diary and learning diary to LAMKO
7. Receive ECTs for tutoring

Head of degree tutors at faculties

Business: Vy Huynh, vy.hyunh(at)
Social and healthcare: Vasilisa Valge, vasilisa.valge(at)