International tutoring

International tutors support exchange students coming to study at Lahti UAS. Tutor contacts the students before their arrival to Finland and many times is the first Finnish friend to the exchange student.

Each tutor gets assigned with few exchange students that he will tutor their whole stay in Lahti. Tutor helps the student to get accustomed to living in Finland, giudes with every day tasks and answers any questions the students may have. International tutor can speak English (or other languages) or wants to improve his language skills and is interested in getting to know students from different cultures.

The application period for internation tutors is held twice a year, autumn and spring. All tutor go through a tutor training that is held in English. In the training the tutor will get all the needed information and skills to work as a tutor. After working as a tutor for at least two semester you can get 3 ECTs. You don't need to be a member of LAMKO to become a tutor. 

Want to become an international tutor? Read more about how to apply here

Head international tutors at the faculties:

Business: Risto Flink, risto.flink(at)
Technology: Johan Kuparinen, johan.kuparinen(at)
Social and healthcare: Janina Enqvist, janina.enqvist(a)
Design: Jenna Pekkanen, jenna.pekkanen(at)